C. Michael Pilato


Hello. My name is C. Michael Pilato.

I have a fair collection of interests, including (but not limited to) my wife and sons; writing and playing music; playing and coaching soccer; numerous hobbies which involve computers (such as software development, media recording and editing, website design); enjoying "the great outdoors"—the list goes on.

Contacting Me

I'd love to hear from you (if you aren't just some web spider trolling for email addresses to sell to companies whose marketing teams are so pathetic they've resorted to non-selective bombardment schemes … but I digress). If you have something on your mind and you wish to share it with me, please do. I can be reached at cmpilato@red-bean.com, and if you would rather communicate by phone or fax, drop me an email and I can give you that information, too.

I get alot of junk email — so much so that I'm not even concerned about posting my email address on this web page — but it's still my preferred communication method. If you've got privacy concerns, though, consider sending me encypted mails using my public key.

About This Site

I support free and open source software and methodologies. I designed and implemented this site, hand-composing the XHTML in Gnu Emacs, and wielding the Gimp for graphical goodness.

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